Humor & Satire News: Drilon Sues SSS for Holding His Pension for 10 Years

Senator Frankin Drilon surprised the Social Security System (SSS) on Friday after his legal counsel, Atty. Dioscoro Espejo filed syndicated estafa at Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office against the government agency.

SSS Chairman Amado Valdez called the charge “surprising” as his office was not informed before that the Senator hold a grudge against the agency.

Drilon, who worked as private employee for more than 20 years while serving the government, is entitled to receive a monthly SSS pension after he turned 60 eleven years ago.

The Senator however failed to file his SSS retirement, prompting the agency to hold his pension.

“They should have inform Senator Drilon that they’ve been holding his pension. Umaasa yong tao hindi man lang nila inabisohan”, Espejo said referring to the SSS.

With an estimated pension of ₱9,600 every month, the senator is expected to receive at least ₱1.152 million for ten years, and a lump sum of at least ₱120,000 according to Espejo.

Espejo said Drilon’s SSS pension has a big sentimental value for him and he want to buy something for his children and grandchildren out of that pension.

“Iba kasi ang katas ng pinagpaguran mo nong kabataan mo pa e. Sen. Frank want to experience spending his pension, or should I say retirement money wisely”, Espejo said.

Drilon, who is also a GSIS pensioner, learned only last year that he should be receiving SSS pension when his former fellow attorney who worked in the same company asked him is how much he is receiving from SSS. He said he wasn’t aware about his SSS remittance. It took almost a year for his lawyers and accountant to figure out his supposed benefits, and alerted the SSS with a complaint.

Valdez said the agency will respond the complaint in appropriate time and assured the senator for his retirement benefits.

Source: okd2
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