SATIRE NEWS: BAYAN, Coca Cola Spar Over Renato Reyes’ Hospital Bill

Militant group Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN) and the Coca Cola company in Bacolod City, are pointing fingers at each other if who will be held responsible in paying the ₱180,000 hospital bill of BAYAN Secretary General Renato Reyes Jr, who, since yesterday has been recovering at Reverside Medical Center after being hit by empty bottles thrown by Coca Cola employees during a rally.

Reyes, together with other six protesters, were brought to different hospitals after a bloody protest when employees of the giant beverage manufacturing started throwing empty bottles to the protesters.

Reyes fractures several check bones and undergone a lower jaw surgery.

The company earlier said that it will never pay a single cent because the protesters are the ones who started the chaos.

“In the first place kung wala sila run disin sana’y walang gulong nagyari di ba”, Coca Cola Regional manager Salvacion De Guia told DYHB radio Agong on Thursday.

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On the other hand, Gabriela Negros leader, an ally of BAYAN and among the protesters, Dinia Narvasa blamed the company for failing to control and discipline its employees.

“Tahimik kaming nagpo-protesta sa labas tapos biglang umulan ng mga bote. So sino dapat ang mananagot,” Narvasa said.

The group vowed to drag the company into legal battle if it will not pay the hospitalization of the protesters, including Reyes who suffered the most serious injury among seven injured militants.

Authorities are still mum as there is no final complaint filed by either side as of Friday morning.

Reyes is expected to be discharged on Monday according to doctors. /Nikki Maliksi/

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